We are very happy to announce that we now offer our first ever limited edition clothing collection created to feel sexy elegant and comfortable.
Thanks to years of experience with customers around the world, each garment we propose is designed to be adaptable and versatile- ready to accompany you on any occasion.
Colorful mini dresses, reversible pieces and printed mesh tops, all products are made in France with dead-stock fabrics and our garments are eco-friendly.


NUOVO is a second hand store where each piece, precious and unique, is chosen with the utmost care.

Specializing in the Galliano years at Dior and Tom Ford at Gucci, Lisa, the founder, herself selects rare designer pieces and singular clothing from the 90s and 2000s, which she offers for sale in her shop in one of the best areas of Paris.

It makes it a point of honor to offer a sharp selection at affordable prices, consistent with its primary target for which the store becomes a meeting point.By offering quality vintage products that resonate with the present, Nuovo is an ecological and accessible alternative to fast fashion.